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Canon Pixma G3400 printer Canon Pixma G3400 printer
Canon Pixma G3400 printer
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KSh30,000 KSh27,000

Canon Pixma G3400 printer

Upon opening the box of your brand new printer, you should see about 8 accessories. you have 2 black inks and 3 colored inks. It also comes with two print heads, power adapter and of course your manuals. Canon Pixma G3400 printer is not a lightweight but it features a box shape design so that it is quite compact it can easily fit in your house or your office.

As far as the placements of buttons are concerned all of the buttons have been placed onto the top right side. Now moving to the front of the printer you get to see one of the reasons why this is called the ink tank printer. That’s because the ink levels are quite visible so you do not have to open up to see where your ink levels are. It also comes with a paper tray. On top of the device is the scanners on the flatbed.

You have two ports, a power adapter port and the USB port for those times when you need to use a wired connection although you do not need to use use this measure because it supports wireless printing. About Wi-Fi capabilities Canon has an app called the print up so you can actually print from your phone you can also see the printer information and so many other cool features.

Setting this up is a bit tricky as you need to ensure that some things are in place. the first thing is the pritnhead. You must ensure that they are placed appropriately You then have to fill up the printer with the ink and cover the lid and then power the printer on that way for about 6 minutes for the printer to set itself up after which you long press on the stop button for about five seconds and with that you are good to go.

Now moving on to the speed of the printer text in black and white we take about 7 seconds while a perfect colored image takes about 37 seconds and. As far as quality is concerned the Canon Pixma G3400 printer prints well contrasted images. The same can also be said for the copier so the overall quality of the Canon Pixma G3400 printer is quite commendable. The printer is not noiseless but it is not something that you consider to be loud The black ink can actually print about 6,000 pages and the colored ink can print about 7,000 colored pages before you exhaust it so that’s quite value for your money.

Check out more detailed specs here

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Epson L3060 – InkJet Color Printer & Scanner – Black Epson L3060 – InkJet Color Printer & Scanner – Black
Epson L3060 – InkJet Color Printer & Scanner – Black
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KSh30,000 KSh27,000

Epson L3060 – InkJet Color Printer & Scanner – Black, also called Epson EcoTank L3060 printer, was designed specifically for households that need ultra low-cost but efficient printing machine Epson says this compact inkjet comes with up to two years worth of ink included in the box and can reduce printing costs by up to 90%.

It is reliable thanks to its advanced micro Piezzo
permanent printhead and it’s
backed by a warranty for complete peace
of mind. Its also a compact and easy to use printer.

Key features
It can print up to 13,000 pages in black and six
thousand five hundred pages in color it
saves up to 90% on printing costs.

Its cartridges are easy to refill in the tank system .
It has Wi-Fi direct and apps and it can
print from mobile devices. It is three in
one copy scan and borderless photo

Epson L3060 printer is very clean in the sense that the corners and
lines are seamless which create a
perfect rectangle with no unnecessary
bulges a good factor to consider in
finding a place were to put it inside
your home, and it only weighs 4.9

Check more features in Epson website Link

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HP LaserJet Pro M477FDW printer HP LaserJet Pro M477FDW printer
HP LaserJet Pro M477FDW printer
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KSh65,000 KSh60,000

HP LaserJet Pro M477FDW printer

This is a colour laser multifunction printer, recommended for offices printing up to around 4,000 pages per month. We consider this machine to be the replacement of the HP M476dw that came out a few years ago. Comparing it to its predecessor, it’s 35% faster at getting the page out, 33% faster at single sided printing, and up to 150% faster at duplex printing.

So you can see some serious R&D has gone in to this printer and so far, its impressive. The automatic document feeder at the top of the machine can hold up to 50 sheets of standard office paper, and it can scan both sides of the page in a single pass, thanks to the new one piece scan bed design. What does this mean? Well, it means you can scan 100 sides of paper at speeds of up to 47 sides per minute; so large documents can be digitised in no time at all.

The interface is a much welcome change too. The 10.9 cm touch screen display is clear and responsive, and makes navigating through the printer’s menus a breeze. In these menus you can perform certain tasks at the machine like scanning, copying and direct printing, which I’m sure many owners will be doing, as you can now print Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents at the machine via USB flash storage. This means there’s no need to send them from a computer if you don’t have one, or convert them to PDFs before you send them to print.

Moving on to paper handling, the output tray is rated for up to 150 sheets, and this means if you’re printing large documents, you’re less likely to empty the output tray before the job is finished. In terms of input capacity, this machine can handle up to 50 sheets in the multipurpose feeder at the front of the machine, and a further 250 sheets in tray two. There’s also an additional tray available, that can hold up to 550 sheets.

If you are going to be getting the most out of this machine and printing up to around 4,000 pages a month, then we do recommend getting the additional tray. It’ll lead to less down time and offer more versatile paper handling. The consumables for this printer are fantastic, the toner particles are spherical, which offers a better and more consistent print quality.

The cartridges for this machine come in two yields, the standard yield cartridge offering up to 2,300 pages, and the higher yield giving up to 5,000 pages for colour, and 6,500 pages for black. You can connect to this machine via USB & Network cables at the back, Wi-Fi and of course The USB port at the front of the device. It’s a hard wearing, reliable and easy to use machine, and sure to impress in any business environment, and perfect for a medium sized office needing high quality colour output.

If you’d like to know anymore about the HP LaserJet Pro M477FDW from HP check the below link from HP website

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HP LaserJet Pro M402DN printer HP LaserJet Pro M402DN printer
HP LaserJet Pro M402DN printer
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KSh33,000 KSh29,000

 LaserJet Pro M402DN printer range is the successor of the 401 range from a few years ago, and there’s no other way to put this, it’s loads better! The HP LaserJet Pro M402DN printer is up to 29% faster at getting the first page out, 15% faster at single sided printing and up to 88% faster at duplex printing! The performance alone is enough to warrant an upgrade.

It’s also 18% smaller than the 401 making for a more compact and clever design, all whilst using toner cartridges that provide up to 30% more prints! If that’s not enough, there’s great energy saving features like HP Auto on/off, as well as the instant on fuser, which gets hot, and cools rapidly for improved energy consumption. In terms of paper handling, this printer does quite well, printing on various types and sizes of paper, handling media weighing from 60, up to 175gsm. The ability to print on 60gsm paper will mean further savings, as thinner paper is cheaper, yet still fine for internal documents.

The multipurpose feeder can handle up to 100 sheets of standard office paper, and the main tray will hold up to 250 sheets… There’s also an optional 550 sheet tray available, for a total paper capacity of 900 sheets, perfect for any medium sized office, printing up to around 4,000 pages per month. If you are printing around the figure, we do recommend the extra tray, as this means you’ll spend less time filling the paper trays, and more time printing.

Now, the consumables for this machine are brilliant. The image drum is included in the toner cartridge, so there’s no chance of getting caught out with an end of life drum. This also leads to less downtime, and you know that every print will look great. The toners also include anti fraud technology so you know you’re using genuine HP consumables, as well as an auto seal removal system, that lets you get printing quickly after changing cartridges.

The cartridge that ships with this machine is preinstalled, and will yield up to 1,500 pages. The replacement toners come in two different yields. The standard yield toner cartridge, the 26A, will give you up to 3,100 pages, and the high yield toner will give up to 9,000 pages. The toner itself is actually quite interesting. In cheaper laser printers, the toner, which is effectively a powder, is made up of little grains. If these grains are jagged or misshaped, then you end up with poor quality prints, with various print heights throughout the page. Bad toner also contributes to poor text printing and increased toner usage. HP’s toner is specially designed to be spherical, meaning the individual toner particles are uniform, and stack well with each other.

This makes for sharper text, bolder blacks and a uniform print height across the page. As far as connectivity is concerned, the HP LaserJet Pro M402DN printer range has four printers, and each are great depending on your needs. There’s the HP LaserJet Pro M402N printer comes with network connectivity, the HP LaserJet Pro M402D printer has USB, the HP LaserJet Pro 402DN printer and the HP LaserJet Pro M402DW printer has USB, as well as wired and wireless network connectivity.

We really like the DN, as you can still connect to it wirelessly, if it’s plugged into a wireless network, though if full on wireless is your thing, then the DW will see you right. I like the new range or Mono lasers. They well built, full of great little features to make life easier, and they look cool. The white may put some people off, but I think it’s cool. If you’d like to know anymore about the HP LaserJet Pro M402DN printer, just click on the below link to HP website

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